JSBIN, Navbars, and Weird Alien Music

I recently learned that whenever I copy and paste my code to this website, the browser freaks out and tries to process it all. So i decided to use JS-BIN to start storing my code from here on out, and I will post a screenshot of what I’ve learned, as well as a link to see my code. I love JS-bin so far! I love how there’s different sections to store all of my HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. and it shows the webpage while I’m styling it!

Wondering what I mean by “alien music”? Well I remember my ex always had this weird techno music playing while he did his web developing from home and at work, and I called it alien music. I always thought it was super creepy and hard to focus on anything with it playing, but I randomly decided to play it while I was taking my online class, and holy cow I got SO MUCH done that day!!!!

So from now on I’m going to play weird alien music while I code. And no one can stop me. Haha.

Here’s what I’m currently working on. I’m taking random websites and copying their headers, as well as making my own. I get stuck a few times here and there, but I always find the answers via Google. Here’s the LDS.org website that I tried to re-create. So far so good! Here’s the link to my JS-Bin.

I’m a little stuck on adding a second image to the top right of the page, above the header, and I haven’t figured out how to position the 2 smaller images on top of each other on the right of the large image, but I will be learning Bootstrap in my class next, and will learn how to position images correctly. But for now, the header is what I was trying to create, specifically the nav bar/menu, and I did it!

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 1.10.42 PM

Here’s my code


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