About Corri

Corri Anna Thomas

Junior Web developer since June 2013


In Spring of 2013 I freaked out when my Professor at Utah Valley University mentioned we would be learning web development basics during the last week of class. I remember thinking about all the letters, numbers, and symbols my husband had flashing constantly on his massive computer screen, along with the 1,000 words per minute he seemed to always be typing, and the many hours he spent in front of his computer. I drove home that evening thinking, how is that even possible?? There’s so much to learn and so little time!

I closely watched my husband on his computer that night, and asked him to explain what he was doing and how it worked. It was all jargon and hieroglyphics to me. It was as if I would need to learn a whole new language!

Corri_July11_2014_C1__2279At school the next day, we started off with HTML basics. The entire class struggled with it, but I thought it was fairly easy. And then CSS. Easy breezy! Coding tricks, Javascript, and then the exam. I passed with flying colors while the rest of the class did not understand it so well! I dunno what snapped, but for me, coding is similar to when you get a new cellphone and have to learn how to use it, or getting a new laptop and having to program it to do what you want. It was almost second nature to me already, since I grew up with technology everywhere, from computers, to phones, palm-pilots (anyone remember those?), and tablets.

I thought, if learning how to code is this easy, how fun would it be to create ACTUAL websites for people like my husband does?? I could stay at home and work, or work in an office making tons of money, and life would be great! And so that’s what I’m doing now!

I am still considered a rookie at web development, since I am a beginner, but ever since my own blog www.femiology.com went BIG and started getting tens of thousands of views each day, I figured it was time to create a name for me not only in the blogging world, but also in the coding and programming world.

As I am still learning lots and lots about programming languages, web development and front-end/back-end design and programming, I will update this website with my new skills, how I applied them, and finally, rates when I am credible enough to start charging for my website building services. As a junior developer, I hope to build websites free or at a very low cost to those who are willing to put their trust in me. I cannot guarantee 100% satisfaction yet, being a junior developer, but I will put forth my absolute best, honest, and reliable work to ensure your happiness!

I look forward to learning everything I need to know to build high-quality, professional and effective websites for my future clients. I am very excited to take this journey into the web-development world, and I know that by doing so, I have a very rewarding and exciting future ahead of me. It’s all uphill from here!


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